Becka Stebbins- Microblade Artist

Becka Stebbins- Microblade Artist


Becka Stebbins

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First, my most important job. I’m a mama to 2 boys, Sylas and Jaxsun. My greatest teachers, my greatest loves and my greatest headaches! ;)

I have a massive love for hot yoga classes and doing HIIT workouts from home …which kind of led me to getting my brows done a couple of years ago. I don’t wear makeup often - so I needed to make sure that my face was complete without it. The art of microblading and permanent cosmetics really got my interest, then the idea of a career in it sparked my entrepreneurial side … so I pursued it. I am now licensed, insured, have been professionally trained and am continuing my education.

If you want it, go after it is what I say. 

I believe women should feel how they truly want to feel….all the way down to their brows. I believe that we deserve everything that we desire and that there’s nothing wrong with wanting the things we want. I also believe that the brows are your most important facial feature….framing the windows to your soul is a big job. I’m here to help make sure that frame is in line with who you are and how you want to feel about yourself. 

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$350- 3 Hours



$100- $1.5 Hours

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